| Testo Critico |
AZ NY 06

Italian artist Lello Esposito will showcase highlights from his newest installation, Alfabeto A Z – 0 9, at the Viromare Gallery on Thursday, November 2nd. This opening fete will also feature an introduction by art critic Manuela Annibali. Additionally, all catalogues of past works and exhibitions of Lello Esposito will be available. The entire installation will be featured in an exclusive, limited-edition calendar to be debuted at an invite-only VIP gala on November 5th at Cipriani Wall Street. In this new installation, Alfabeto A Z – 0 9, Lello Esposito uses 2007 kg or 4415 lbs of pure aluminum to create 365 letters, numbers and Pulcinella masks – a signature of Eposito’s work. He has arranged these components into 12 separate motifs that of which the installation is comprised. As critic Annibali states, through this new work, “Lello Esposito once again comes to terms with the concept of identity.” More specifically, she offers that “these forms are separate parts of a wider impalpable discourse and are acknowledged as isolated elements of existence.” A sculptor and painter for almost thirty years, Lello Esposito has primarily focused on the city of Naples and its symbols - Pulcinella, the mask, the egg, the skull, the volcano, San Gennaro and the horn - in their various stages of metamorphosis. Over a period of time he has been able to experiment with sculpture and painting and evolved different meanings, dimensions and artistic techniques. He uses various types of materials - bronze and aluminum - for his sculptures and installations - and paints large canvases